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Here you’ll find: hopes and disappointments. dreams and life. wishes and wants . chocolate and lettuce. cupcakes and celery. martinis and beer. love and feeling lonely. christmas lights and birthday cheers, smarties and ice-cream. scales and graphs. regrets and accomplishments, passions and goals, running and sleeping.

This is me.   This is my life.

Since I can remember I’ve been creeping the Internet for weight loss blogs, hoping to stumble across a wise one that would give me the motivation and drive to shed my lard once and for all. A blog I could relate to and gain a swift kick in the ass from.

That never happened, so essentially in a self indulgent attempt, I created my own blog to inspire myself everyday and to remind myself I’m worth it.

I’m simply a tubby girl trying to that’s going to lose 65 pounds. I’m 5’4” and started on February 2nd, 2009 at 200 pounds.

I love all things fabulous and beautiful, notably high heels, summer dresses, large sunglasses, big hats, (aka things that suck to wear if you’re fat) photos, old movies, sudoku, earrings, good books, martini glasses, cupcakes and cookies. 

Horses, dogs and cowboy hats also hold a special place in my heart. As do friendly smiles, friends and family. 

I pretend to know about the stock market, while sitting in a tall sky rise building in Toronto’s financial district, but little do the men in suits know, I’m secretly plotting my escape.

I want to travel to the four corners of the world and live somewhere the temperature never graces a negative degree. Where there are mountains in the sky and I can smell the sea salt from my back porch. 

I have plans that would take ten life times to fulfill and all of them start with me being the best person I can be. 

I can do this. I will do this. Just watch me.